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Voice Search by Algolia

Voice Search that speaks to your needs

With more than 50% of searches happening through voice by 2020, Algolia helps you go where search is headed. Personalization, query understanding, and top-level relevance, all without lifting a finger, on mobile and voice-first.

Implementing an intelligent search with Algolia was super fast and easy with their great tools. We could add voice search to our app in 5 minutes.

Dennis Kugelmann, Developer - Simpleclub


Provide better search through user interest.

Query understanding

Guide users to the perfect result by understanding their intent.


Search at the speed of thought makes conversations flow.

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Have a voice on every platform

Whether voice-first or voice-only, Algolia adds value through search on Alexa, Google Assistant, Android, iOS, and others with targeted libraries.

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The right results the first time

Voice UX calls for exactly what your users want from the first search—no scrolling or browsing here. Personalization and query understanding show the best results first, even with "verbal typos."

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Better search through data

Algolia Analytics shows you the data on your voice interactions, enabling you to build a feedback loop to continuously improve the experience for your users.

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Better voice tools

Quickly integrate voice search in your apps, with Algolia tools like InstantSearch and voice widgets for Android and iOS developers.


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